1. Zacchaeus
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Zacchaeus couldn’t play in the NBA if he were alive today

He could wear a pair of shorts as pants, it’s true!

He had to stand on a chair just to tie his shoe!

He collected taxes for the Romans but the fact is

He would take an extra coin or two

Zacchaeus—a traitor to the Jews

Now Jesus came down to Zacchaeus’s town

Folks was coming in from miles around

To see this wandering Rabbi who could raise the dead

Heal the sick and prove with miracles the things He said

Zacchaeus had been thinking ‘bout his life and all the things

That he had given up to get ahead

Zacchaeus—was hearing voices in his head…and they were saying

Now You don’t have a friend and you don’t have a life

The things that used to thrill you now just cut you like a knife

Your house is full of treasure, purse full of gold

But you could hear a penny drop inside the cavern of your soul

Been hurting everybody since the day that you was born

Taking money from the hungry, making widow ladies mourn

You got one last chance to make it out alive Zacchaeus


Jesus can make it right!

Jesus can make it right

He was staring in the mirror when he heard a cheer

And he knew that Jesus must be near

He ran down to the road where he saw a crowd

Packed together, smellin’ badly and being loud

Zacchaeus was so small he couldn’t see at all

In this sea of people he would drown!

Zacchaeus—how’s He gonna help you now?

Then Zacchaeus ran over to a Sycamore tree

Climbed as high as he could so that he could see

He didn’t care how he looked, what the people said

He only knew that without Jesus he was good as dead

Went out on a limb, and to his surprise

He saw Jesus staring up at him with big, brown eyes

And the shame of his sins covered him with fright, Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus, Jesus can make it right!

Jesus can make it right

Now when the people heard Jesus’s next words

Everybody thought they were absurd!

He said, “Zacchaeus come down from your tree, please do

I’m comin’ over to your house to have a snack or two”

Everybody figured that since Jesus wasn’t from here He was just a little bit confused

Zacchaeus—was nothin’ but bad news!

Then Zacchaeus dropped down to the earth below

And said, “Lord, I think there’s something that You ought to know

I’m giving half of my stuff to the city’s poor

And if I’ve cheated anyone I’ll give back four times more!”

Jesus said, “Son, you got it figured out!

Saving people like you is what I’m all about

Looks like another child of Abraham is born tonight!”

Zacchaeus! Zacchaeus

Jesus has made it right!

Jesus has made it right!

Now Zacchaeus went to stay with the Lord that day

while the others watched them walk away
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