1. Esau
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Let me tell ya a story ‘bout Esau

Who made a crazy deal

One day he came home from a huntin’

Oh, the hunger he did feel!

Now Esau was the type a guy who figgered if he couldn’t see it

Then it wasn’t real

So he sold his rights as a first-born son for a solitary meal


Esau! What a foolish boy!

Didn’t ya know that a bowl of stew ain’t never gonna bring ya joy?

Esau! I hope I learn from you

I don’t ever want to lose what God’s a given me

For a lousy bowl of stew!

He could have dreamed of angels

He could’ve watched his wealth abound

He could’ve seen Jesus face to face

And ‘rassled all around

It could’ve been his children who

Possessed the holy ground

But he lost it all in the 15 minutes

That he slurped his lentils down!


Now you think about ol’ Esau

The next time you wanna take

A pittance for your birthright

It would be a big mistake!

For we are all the products of the choices that we make

Don’t lose the life God’s planned for you just because your belly aches!


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