Bartimaeus' Song

Jesus, Son of David


One day just outside a place called Jericho

There was a man who couldn’t see sitting by the road

He heard lots of noise and asked, “What’s going on?”

They said, “Jesus passes by—just you hold your tongue!”

But he shouted out


Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me!

Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me!

Those who loved to walk in front were quite dismayed

They said, “Keep it down, you’re gonna ruin our parade!”

But he shouted out


Just then Jesus called for him, “What do you need?”

That man said, “Oh Jesus, I really want to see!”

“OK,” Jesus said to him, “I’ll heal your eyes

‘Cause you did not let these men stop your faithful cries

But you shouted out”


If you want to see the Lord, one thing is true

You can’t stop crying out to Him ‘till he blesses you

You gotta shout out


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