Jesus: Real—Not Relic, Fact—Not Artifact, Head—Not Figurehead

In a Church where Jesus is presumed currently active, involved, and Alive--rather than a historic relic to be appreciated and venerated and taught about--there is Liberty! Everyone with Yeshua living within and functioning as such, daily among the Believers, has a responsibility to offer their Gifts 'unto the edification of the Body.' ALL of Jesus is poured out upon His Body, in ALL of His Gifts.


  1. His Invitation
  2. Building With Good Materials
  3. Building By His Pattern and Design
  4. Building to Be Strong
  5. Jesus' Leadership In All of His People
  6. Jesus' Leadership: Samuel vs. Saul
  7. Jesus' Leadership: In Meetings
  8. Jesus' Leadership: In Life
  9. God’s Intent...NOW!
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