Will You Follow Me?


  1. Will You Follow Me?
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If you want to be a follower of mine

You must leave self behind

You must take up your cross and come with Me

If you fear for your own safety, you are lost

But take up your cross

For My sake and you will find true life


Will you follow Me?

It will cost more than you think

Can you drink the cup that I drink?

Will you follow Me?

Will you follow Me?

A servant only shares the portion of his Lord

You can be assured

Men will hate you as they’ve hated Me

The time is coming when they’ll think they do

God’s will by killing you

But he who’s faithful to the end is saved


Living water welling up from deep within

Forgiveness of your sin

The tree of life to eat from as you wish

A hundred times more than you’ll ever lose

My gift to those who choose

To reject the trinkets of this world

2nd Chorus:

Will you follow Me?

More blessings for those who believe

Than you even can conceive!

Will you follow Me?

Will you follow Me?

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