I Will Sing to the Lord


When everything is well with me, there’s no need to complain

It feels so easy just to praise Your Name

But when the cares of life should make the teardrops start to fall

That is when my praise for You can mean the most of all!


So if I’m up, or if I’m down, flying high or on the ground

I will sing, I will sing to the Lord!

Doing well, or doing bad, full of joy or oh-so-sad

I will sing, I will sing to the Lord!

It would sure be nice if there was nothing in my way

Just me and God and good times every day

But sometimes it’s the hardest things that make the softest heart

The pain can draw me close to You if I will do my part



And even if it all does not make sense to me

There’s not a thing about it that seems fair

I can show I trust in You, Lord, just because You ARE…

You would not give me more than I could bear!


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