Days of Love and War

A gift for Jesus and His Bride, the "Apple of His Eye" -- those clothed in His life and character: partakers with Him sharing His purposes, passions, and loves (as well as, with sorrow and compassion sharing as "enemies" those who have made themselves His "enemies" -- by their choices of flesh and pride over Life and Love and Truth).

What the Bible says about all of that is scary -- AND an honor. :)

A gift, from "the next Generation" of those loving the Lamb and following Him WHEREVER He goes..... Love, -Charis, DanM, and Andrea :)


You see the world through the eyes of an artist

Your eyes reflect the beauty within

There is poetry in Your soul

And violence in Your veins

With a passion for Truth

You take action

You are a rock

Focused, never wavering

You have a Plan

You have a Plan

Never perceiving the odds against You

With no doubt that Heaven reigns

You smile at the future


Come, Lord Jesus

Draw Your sword

Sound the trumpet

Show them You're Lord

For these are the days of

Both Love and War

You stand ready a Lamb dressed for Battle

Longing to gather the chicks in your wings

There's redemption in your Blood

Power and Strength in your LOVE

With a heart for the lost

You reach outward

You are a light

For those willing to see

You have a plan

You have a Plan

Never regretting the pain it cost you

Yet full of heartache for those who ignore

Still you offer a future
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