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We have heard a lot of teaching on the Patriarchal family, with the father being, to put it bluntly “the man”—with him controlling the family basically with the final say! Biblically, is it supposed to be that way with the New Testament teachings? Does Christ still want us to function to that extent as they did in the Old Testament?


Hi again. : ) As for “patriarchal family”—I think it’s GOT to be obvious to anyone who has actually READ the New Testament, that it is no more present in the New Covenant as such than Jewish animal sacrifice, temple worship, and tithing! NONE are of God, in this Covenant, but are only a “shadow of the Reality that is in Christ.” OF COURSE there is a “role” for the parents in a home, and authority that must be honored, as well as responsibilities that must be fulfilled. Let one be “worse than an infidel” for not providing Spiritual and physical care for one’s family. But, some sort of isolated mini-kingdom, ruled by a $3.14 bag of carbon and water as a demigod? No WAY would anyone get that from ONLY reading the New Covenant promises and commands and examples. If someone needs to write their own Bible to create a life for their egos, they should at least be honest enough to not call it “Christianity.” It’s NOT in there, as is plain to any honest person. Jesus didn’t teach it. Paul didn’t teach it. Peter didn’t teach it or practice anything of the kind. NO ONE in personal relationship with Jesus Christ, entrusted by Him for the Life and Record of the New Covenant (true Christianity), did or taught anything of the kind. SURELY that is enough for any person without their own ego agenda. Sorry to have to be so straightforward about it, but animal sacrifice would get the same response from me, for the same reasons. The Covenant of the Spirit of Christ, types and shadows FULFILLED in Jesus and relationship with Him, NEEDS NO CRUTCHES of inferior laws and externals such as “patriarchal phamily”. His Life and Heart is “NOW, through the Church” (Eph.3:10) that we would experience “a HUNDRED mothers, brothers, sisters” and MORE! The crutches are for those who have neither heart nor experience of the REAL thing!

Of COURSE there are roles in a Biblically guided, Christ-centered family. Of course man is the head of the woman AS Christ is the head of man. But, isn't that just the point? When any human makes up their own arbitrary authority, power plays and ego-centric control freak behavior, bullying or dominating rather than loving and cherishing and wooing, they would be functioning OUTSIDE of Christ's authority, and violating Jesus. That is a total misrepresentation of the Scriptures when mere humans play God, rather than servants with protection, care, and love. Of course "roles" in Heaven and on earth call us to respect and to submission of Biblical authority. But, once again, "Biblical" authority is not domineering and man-centered. It is "AS" Christ is head of the man, not manufacturing a miniature papal role of "vicar (substitute) of Christ". Women are not called by Jesus to violate their consciences, nor are men permitted to "Lord it over" those who belong to Jesus, on any level. Respect and submission, softness and glad responsiveness to authority are beautiful in Father's sight. But, that is not an excuse for men to make themselves miniature gods, usurping Jesus' role in others' lives, rather than representing the Truths of Jesus as those of Jesus, and his own preferences as merely his desires. This distinction is crucial for all Christians. "ALL authority in Heaven and on earth" belongs to Jesus, and delegated authority is not an origin of authority, but only to represent and distinguish between the thoughts that are from Jesus' own Words, and those that are merely of human preference and opinion. "AS" Christ is head of man means love and kindness and responsibly representing the authority of the Father, not creating our own.

Well, I hope that you are not totally weighed down with oppressive bondage from others regarding temple worship, animal sacrifice, holy days, patriarchal structure (miniature Clergyism, without even THAT much “qualification”), or tithing. These are “obsolete” according to God, and expanded and exploded into the Glory of the Son, for those with eyes to See! On the “patriarchal” subject again, Spiritually, a person’s true relationship with Jesus determines who they are. Not their gender, height, weight, depth of voice, or last name. IF those with the potential of “delegated authority” are close to Him, “the sheep know the Shepherd’s Voice,” and those who love Him will respond to the JESUS in leadership. No one needs to strut or pull rank or dominate ANY of God’s Lambs, whether they wear the same last name or not. “NOT SO WITH YOU” was how the TRUE Master put it, in regards to HIS commands about human authority. “ALL authority” means “all”—and anything delegated must reflect HIM, not man’s ego or conjured “authority.”

Grace to you. : ) And, feel free to continue the discussion if you’d like.

Love in Christ, mike

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