Should We Do Acts 13:1 Sorts of Things?


Hi Ray......... Appreciated your letter, my brother-friend. : ) .... As for “doing” Acts 13:1... I’d suggest, at your request, that the wonderful things that may come of that ought to be guided by: 1) It should NOT be some pre-chosen group, always the same. Let JESUS decide, case by case, who might be there. 2) It should NOT be on any kind of “regular” basis, where there are “expectations” built in, or guilt or ambition or pride or a new “tradition.” 3) It mustn’t take on any “elitist” status amongst those who are there, or be felt to be such by those who are not there. 4) There shouldn’t be any “assumption” of anything in particular that may “happen” when some brothers ARE together, eg “Wait a minute! Why did we just ‘talk’ when we were SUPPOSED to be ‘worshipping’ and ‘listening for the Spirit?’” In actuality, that may have BEEN worship and hearing the Spirit—by Right definitions! So, don’t get closed into shallow perceptions of “what ought to happen”! Just some short thoughts. Grace and Love to you and all......
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